Sparkable 2.0: Keeping the Vision But Improving the Approach

The new version of Sparkable is built around two newsletter editions. They will provide you with high-quality content curated by people worldwide. And us with valuable insights in creating a new pro-social platform.

Sparkable 2.0: Keeping the Vision But Improving the Approach

We've all heard the saying, "Change is the only constant in life," and today, we want to share how we're embracing this philosophy to speed up our progress toward our vision of increasing empathy and understanding worldwide.

An Improved Strategy

Let's cut right to the chase: We've rebuilt Sparkable on a newsletter-centric system with two newsletters at its core. The newsletters take over the function of the two content stages in the previous system. This allows us to be much faster in developing, testing hypotheses, and building Sparkable so you love to use it.

Introducing Our Newsletters

These are our newsletters, offering insightful content and a chance to meet changemakers and peacebuilders:

  1. Free Newsletter: We're kicking things off with a free bi-weekly newsletter. Here, you'll find high-quality content links submitted by people around the globe. Personal notes will accompany the links, sharing how they impacted the senders. It's your chance to see what's sparking conversations and making a difference in our community.
  2. The Crowd-Curated Experience: We offer a paid monthly newsletter for those who want to go deeper and make a substantial impact. Here, you'll receive only the top 10% of the highest-quality submissions, carefully curated by the community. By choosing the paid newsletter, your contribution helps sustain our new business model by compensating the community submitters and curators.

Meet the Changemakers: In each newsletter edition, you'll get to know a community member and discover their inspiring work in responsible tech, digital rights, peacebuilding, and more. It's an opportunity to connect with folks working on a better digital future.

The New Process at a Glance

 Here's how the new approach works:

  1. Sign up for the free bi-weekly newsletter to discover content submissions and their personal stories.
  2. Feel inspired? Submit a link of your own!
  3. Want to help shape our community's content? Participate in the voting process to select the highest-quality submissions for the paid newsletter.
  4. If a link you submitted or voted for is chosen for the paid newsletter, you'll enjoy free access to the following two paid monthly issues.
  5. Alternatively, you can directly sign up for the paid monthly newsletter, ensuring you receive only the highest-quality content while supporting our project's sustainability.

Looking to the Future

The newsletters replace our content stages, but we're keeping our grand vision. We continue building a new pro-social platform, informed by all the feedback we gather with this new approach. It allows us to iterate much faster and create a platform around the exact needs of you and the other folks in the community.

Join us on this new path, and let's build a space of empathy and understanding together. ✨